Therapy Services

We currently offer the following types of Therapy Services:

  • Couples, Marital, or Premarital Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Workshops/Seminars

Relationship Therapy

I mostly provide 1.25 -1.5 hour sessions for individuals, couples, and families utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy, attachment informed therapy, and other therapy modalities if/when appropriate.  Longer sessions can be arranged in advance for more intensive experiences (e.g. some couples or families may appreciate 3+ hour sessions to be better able to process through their issue faster when time is an issue). I enjoy helping people to learn more about themselves, their loved one(s), and their interactions within the relationship thereby learning at an experiential level how to have better relationships. This will help to: stop fighting, create safety, and start effectively connecting and communicating.

In order for couples and family sessions to be effective, sessions are recommended to be held weekly until the couple or family: can identify, catch, correct, and repair their negative interaction cycle(s) and when all parties are feeling better able to connect as needed. At that time, sessions can be spaced out while then focusing on enhancing closeness/connection and achieving even greater intimacy.

Sessions are currently $200 per 75-90 minute session and are private pay only (No insurance). Longer session for more intensive treatment can be arranged. Cash and check are preferred. 

Insurance and EAP are NOT accepted at Better Together. Insurances require a mental health diagnosis/illness and require that the treatment be tailored to only treating that mental health condition/illness currently occurring in the insurance holder (having couple, marital, or family issues or desiring a better connection in and of itself is not considered a mental illness and in these cases the couple or family is considered the client not the individual).  Also, insurances and EAP are restricted to 45-60 minute treatment sessions.

At present Better Together sessions are held by appointment Tuesday – Saturday.  Evening appointments are available Tuesday – Friday.

Better Together Counseling Services ARE NOT APPROPRIATE for those suffering with:

  • active or recent addictions and/or substance misuse/abuse or dependence (Relationship counseling cannot be effective for those with an active substance issue. There are therapists that specialize in this matter – they usually have a MAP, SAP or CAP credential behind their name. Please get any substance misuse treated and stabalized with a treatment program or therapy prior to engaging in any type of relationship counseling for best results.)
  • active or recent domestic violence (Couples who’s relationship contains domestic violence should NEVER be seen for couple or family counseling as it can worsen the situation for all involved – research shows that individual therapy is needed first to assist each partner in getting stabilized and consistently safe prior to couples counseling.)
  • an active affair (couples counseling requires trust, energy, time, and commitment – active affairs interfere with all of these areas)
  • couples that have different agendas (e.g. one wants to terminate the relationship and the other does not)
  • serious untreated mental health concerns (e.g. psychosis, those that are a harm to themselves or others, personality disorders) – these are best addressed by intensive treatment (e.g. hospitalization, individual focused treatment with specialists/therapist, etc).
  • active legal issues that require an expert opinion (e.g. custody wars, disability, court mandated therapy, etc) (There are therapists who specialize in this type of matter.)
  • those needing disability determinations (There are therapists who specialize in this type of matter.)

Feel free to call for an appointment or for questions 772-781-1818


At times, Better Together may hold workshops or seminars on special topic areas such as Emotional Education 101/EE101 weekend workshops for individuals and/or couples or Hold Me Tight or Building Lasting Connections Couples Enhancement Weekends.

If you would be interested in relationship related workshops – please let me know.

Mental Health Coverage Through Insurance or EAP?