My mission is to provide effective relationship counseling that will serve to secure and enhance your most important connections.
Let me help you stop the hurt and anger and show you how to get back to understanding and connecting!

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About me, Elisa Horton, LMFT, LMHC, NCC - founder of Better Together Counseling

I have been studying EFT (for couples counseling) since 2014 and have attended introductory, intermediate, and advanced trainings.  I've completed trainings in EFT and EFFT (EFT for family counseling), EFT for couples coping with trauma, and have completed the required supervision hours for certification, and am in the process of getting the required taped sessions to turn in for certification.  I continue to attend trainings as they are offered and help out at trainings as I am able.  I've also taken up to level II in the Gottman method for couples counseling but I found EFT to be much more effective and applicable. 

Please feel free to learn more about me here: .

Please feel free to call for an appointment or a brief consultation about if EFT is right for you to 772-781-1818.


About EFT

Please learn more about Emotionally Focused Therapy here: What is EFT?

EFT was developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and has been researched extensively beginning in the 1980's.  Empirical research has show that EFT is clinically effective in moving 70-75% of couples from distress to recovery and 90% of couples experience significant improvements.  This is compared to 23% efficacy for other modes of couples therapy.  EFT is not for couples who are experiencing domestic violence or other forms of abuse, couples who are dealing with active addictions, couples in which there are active affairs, or couples in which there opposing agendas.


       My practice cannot assist those suffering with:
  • active or recent addictions and/or substance abuse or dependence (I will not best be able to help you as this is not my specialty. There are therapists that specialize in this matter - they usually have a SAP or CAP credential behind their name.)
  • active domestic violence (Couples who's relationship contains domestic violence should never be seen for couple or family counseling as it can worsen the situation for all involved - research shows that individual therapy is needed first to assist each partner in getting stabalized and safe prior to couples counseling.)
  • serious untreated mental health concerns (e.g. psychosis, those that are a harm to themselves or others) - these are best addressed by intensive treatment (e.g. hospitalization, individual focused treatment with specialists, etc).
  • active legal issues that require an expert opinion (e.g. custody wars, disability, court mandated therapy, etc) (There are therapists who specialize in this type of matter.)
  • those needing disability determinations (There are therapists who specialize in this type of matter.)
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